Thursday, July 24, 2008

I suck at this

Ok...starting Monday I'm back on track. I took advantage of my first week without Community Band to just veg and hang out this week and not run or work out. I did however, meet up with the Wills' in Champaign for dinner Tuesday night, hit some golf balls and bowled Wednesday and tonight I'm headed to Chicago for the weekend. I'm bringing shoes and clothes to work out in, but we'll see if it happens.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 2: Glazebrook Park, Godfrey

Whew! So I brought my "gear" (my running shoes and my armband for my iPod) home with me this past weekend. Sunday, after stopping at Target for some wrapping supplies for a bridal shower my Mom and I attended, I went to Glazebrook Park in Godfrey to do some running.

I never realized how nice this park is! It has a great bike/walking/running trail around the perimeter, a playground, lake, gazebo, etc. It was a somewhat tough run only because there are a few inclines around the path...not something I've really been used to. I usually run around campus if I'm outside, but there aren't that many inclines. It felt good though and I'm ready to hit it again tomorrow. One more day on the Week 2 plan and then I'm on to Week 3!

Peace out.

Friday, July 11, 2008

On a completely random note...

Last night at Community Band we played a song called "Star Dust" by a dude named Hoagy Carmichael (yeah, not even joking). Anyway, we basically sight read it, which surprisingly went well.

Right before it started though, one of the other trumpet players, and former Psychology professor at EIU, leaned over to tell me that he proposed to his wife while dancing to this song 43 years ago. She happened to be sitting behind us playing euphonium. It was the cutest thing ever!

Week 2 Training

Ok, so the 4th of July weekend hit me pretty hard...mostly just Friday night. I had these great intentions of running Saturday morning at the hotel before we had to take off for game #2 of the weekend. Didn't happen.

So instead, I felt like I could start over (as usual) this week and instead get started on the week 2 program - 90 sec. running/2 min. walking intervals. I did it Wednesday it wasn't horrible. I was tired after finishing, but I wasn't sore the next day or anything.

I'm still having trouble figuring out when to run since I am busy each night of the week Tuesday-Thursday. I ran this past Wednesday before I had to be at bowling and barely had time to get cleaned up and have some dinner. Once community band is over after next week, so my Tuesday and Thursday nights will be free (at least until school starts). I plan to keep up with a Saturday, Monday, Wednesday schedule until then. And, once school begins at least the Rec Center will be open later than 8pm so I can still run there after my classes.

So far so good!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 1...again

Starting from scratch...I didn't want to burn myself out or start up again too hard and injure myself
so I started the 5K podcasts from scratch last night.

I stretched out at home and geared up to go for a run/walk. The 5 minute walk took me from my apartment almost to Lincoln Ave. (I was headed to campus to finish the rest.) I ran past Morton Park and slowed down in front of Chubby's Pizza (mmmm). Outside of the pizza shop though, I found a few dollars just laying on the sidewalk. I didn't have any pockets so I just went inside Chubby's and gave it to the guys working. The one who talked to me for a second acted like it was totally weird I just gave them money I found. Dude, it's money...take it. Don't give me a weird look. Most likely you're going to get stiffed a tip this week so consider it even. In fact, I'll probably stiff you the tip just for your attitude.

Anyway, the first few intervals of running were a piece of cake! I guess those few weeks of giving this running thing a try paid off. I was tired at the end, but not exhausted. My 5 minute cool down walk almost got me the rest of the way home, but I had to switch to some music when it was over. "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)" by Fleetwood Mac came on and it was totally inspiring! (Actually, that song always reminds me of Bill Clinton's '92 campaign. Not too shabby either.) If the Mac can stick together through all of their drama in the 70's and 80's, I can kick this 5K. Bring it on.

I'm ready for run #2 on Thursday!!!