Thursday, October 23, 2008

Negative Ads?

In this time of campaign ads, both positive and negative, it has me thinking about actual product advertising. Just in the last week, I've noticed two product ads that are seemingly positive, but in reality are essentially bashing their competitors, albeit a bit more subtly than black and white photos, newspaper headlines, quotes, and using that creepy dude's voice. However, isn't there a twinge of negativity? You decide...

Apple Ad

There's also a Claritin ad (that I can't find on YouTube) that keeps talking about Zyrtec and how it "may cause drowsiness." From what I recall the announcer even says "there's one thing Zyrtec won't tell you." Sounds an awful lot like political commercials to me.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Minutes just ticking away...

For the last few weeks it's felt as though the minutes and days are just ticking away without much recollection or productivity. Some are better than others, but overall, it's sort of felt like a daze.

I haven't worked out much mostly for lack of motivation - no 5K looming on my calendar anymore probably doesn't help - and lack of time. It seems free moments outside of work or class are spent procrastinating on homework or actually doing it.

Classes are going well I guess. Research methods is what it is...a bunch of stats and math I don't remember from 6 years ago and need to reteach myself. This weekend I'm working on a paper assignment this weekend for my Subnational Gov. class. Basically, we're suppose to synthesize about 12 journal articles into about 6 factors necessary to understand modern politics. It's weird though because I feel like 6 years ago I could have sat down in an evening or two and cranked out a paper with no problem, but now it feels as overwhelming as the idea of writing a thesis. I'm probably just over-thinking it.

I think today might be a good day to pick up running again...stress relief!