Monday, February 16, 2009

Pet Peeves

...when people refer to the state legislature as the "state congress" or "congress" in general.

1. There is only one Congress and it's the U.S. House of Representatives
2. State legislative bodies are referred to as Legislatures!


Johnny Yen said...

Sorry-- gotta finally put the bachelor's and master's degrees in Political Science I got at Eastern to use-- Congress actually refers to the collective Senate and House of Representatives. In common usage, it refers to just the House, but it actually means both.

Big Al said...

Fair enough...but isn't "Congress" reserved for the federal legislative bodies and not state? My real beef is with what I believe is the misused, "state congress."

Johnny Yen said...

Ah-- you've got a point there. I don't think that there's such a thing; I think it's a "state legislature."

If I were still at Eastern, and it was still the eighties, I'd run and ask Ed Brazil or Andrew McNitt.

Big Al said...

Brazil is retired, but McNitt is still kickin' ass. I had him for research methods last semester and have him this semester for political behavior. Good times.